Saturday, 28 November 2015

Diary Of A Chocolate Ada: There's A New Light Hanging Above My Head.

Last night, I had this super amazing conversation with a friend, and I realized that it had been a while since I had a conversation like that. I was so free and I felt like I was talking to a replica of me, just this time, it was an older me.

In my 21 years on planet earth, I have come to meet so many people. Young and old, male and female, those who love to laugh at the little little things that life brings, and those who do not deem it fit to let out as much as a giggle or chuckle.( Ndi obi! ) and meeting them has not been in vain. Each of them has left fragments of experiences upon me, fragments that when put together, could be a perfect whole.

I have come to realize, through my association with these people, that nothing lasts forever.
I have heard people use this phrase over and over again and yet my acceptance of the phrase, just came visiting.
I think about it all the time. I think about how age fleets, how fast time runs and I'm left in awe. I think about all the lovely people I  met in primary and secondary school, and all the promises we made to ourselves to be together forever, but, where are they now?

After all the pleasing, the attempts to please, and trying not to get the other person mad so that things would continue to be as they were, where are they now?

If I had lived my whole life trying to make certain people happy, depriving myself of the happiness that should have been mine, would I not have been an empty old vessel, devoid of happiness , devoid of the satisfaction a human being like me created with euphoria should have had? 

People would come and go. Life made it so. It's a normality. But life would be so shocked if we defied this constant law and made that one special person stay. It might not necessarily be one. It might be ten, hundreds, thousands of people destined to remain in your life.

Everything lies in our hands, bringing happiness to ourselves and at the same time maintaining close relationships. Anyone meant to stay in your life would remain. BE YOU.  If they aren't meant to stay, you would not see them in your future. Life is a circle, roll with it, ON YOUR OWN TERMS !!!!

Je T'aime.

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  1. True words. I love to say that if you want to be BEAUTIFUL, then you first have to BE(YOU)TIFUL.

    Keep the good work going.


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