Friday, 27 November 2015

Blog Visitor's Post: Matters of the heart (2)

Hi guys, two days ago, I pasted a post sent in by someone who would really, really love to hear from you , If you missed it, read it HERE . This is a continuation of that post. Please, read, and then offer your advice..thanks.

I took advantage of a good number of girls as I could. Yes I did!. It was a life I am not proud of. I put a pause on my humanity and I lived a wayward life. I will not go into details, I'm sure you know what I mean. But then, after sometime, I had to throw away that part of my life and embrace modesty. I tried hard to be recognized as the gentleman I was known for.

Last year 2014, the girl I happened to have a crush on came across my path. We started talking and I was happy. I felt connected to her but I did not make any move because I was in a relationship then, and because I was trying to become a better person, I did not encourage the idea of double dating, but, early January 2015 we made a connection. We started dating. Although I recently broke up with my then girlfriend, I did not mind. I was telling myself that it was a rebound just to comfort myself but I realized that I already had a connection with her before I broke up with my ex. 

She's a dark beauty and everybody wants to date her. Her eyes, every part of her body radiates her beauty. She's smart and young and a good singer too. Any time she sings, I die inside in love. My antivirus against women came into play telling me not to open my heart but to treat her like other girls whom I  had dated. This time around I did not listen to my head, I listened to my heart. I listened because every time I look at her, I see a future together with her.  She is everything I've ever wanted and everything I pray for. It  took me a while to make a decision on this, 'cos I did not want to get hurt like the first time.

I come out fully from my shell, not holding myself back.My emotions were springing up. I was in love! and it felt so good 'cos it was with my whole heart. I was glittering like a diamond and everyone including my course mates noticed. "Wow, who is this girl that changed you"? they ask. I gave up my wayward life. I became a new leaf for her. I was very grateful to God she did not come across my path when I was still wayward, or she would have been a victim of my "trans woman effect"..
Haha! I coined that term, she is the woman of my dreams. YES, the woman of my dreams until early morning of the 22nd of November 2015......
To be continued in the next post

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