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Blog Visitor's Post : Are All Men Really The same ?

Hi swits,
This post was sent in by a friend of mine and here, he tells us so many things about guys that would leave you in shock, lol!... READ..
Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening  Amigas and Amigos, I don't just want to make this post, i feel compelled to. In my short lifetime I've been privileged to meet way above a few persons on the internet and off it, young and old, BOYS and girls, MEN and women, crazy, not crazy, SHY, outspoken.... The list goes on and on and on. I'm just another guy who claims to be 'calm and calculated' [ I wonder when people will stop using that phrase ] Well I REALLY am. Sorry i forgot to introduce myself at the onset, there isn't much you need to know, just call me WONG, I run a blog that's more on tech and gadget reviews.

I've interacted with some ladies who share my view on SOME guys, you see SOME guys are demons, they are dogs, they are heart breakers, they are selfish, they open your cookie jar and take your cookies and leave it open while they walk away without looking back [ This line is for only those who understand, if you don't, keep reading it over again until you do ], they look into your eyes and lie to you and ofcours make you believe they ain't like the rest, I've heard a great speaker call them HE-GOATS who go about looking for she-goats, they toast and chyke and woo until they get what they want and off they go looking for yet another GOAT for fresh challenges
. Yes i share that view, WONG does. But everything i said up there would have totally different meaning if i hadn't put that special word 'SOME', [Haha I must have scared some guys]. Now that's where the problem is and that brings us to the other kind of ladies.

The good'ol'ladies who do not just get it, they generalize the whole thing, they think all men are the same, this class of ladies are just everywhere, but of course I'm sure YOU (reading this post) do not see us all that way. Have a chat with this group of ladies and you're doomed, 'guys are crazy, they are he-goats, they are heart breakers, they are liers, they are cheats, they are wild animals, they are this, they are that, blah blah blah' , that's what they keep babbling, see the one that hurts real bad, 'ALL GUYS ARE THE SAME'. C'mon WTF! Have you no father?  Amiga did you forget so fast that action and reaction are equal and opposite [OK sorry i must have misquoted that law but i know i ain't far from the real thing ]. Well i understand though, it hurts real hard when you start kissing your "lots of frogs" , you don't expect to meet your prince charming just like that do you? But please be nice to that very few of us who still have a heart. Have you heard that the best things don't ALWAYS come in the best packages? Read On!

Category 1 Guys
You are most likely to find the guys with the best hearts among THE CATEGORY 1 GUYS, the really shy ones, those who don't always stand out as the cute and rich guys, they might not always muster the courage to stage you and talk but if ever you give them the chance they do make sense. You may always see them in the background and just like a wallflower they are always there - for you. THEY may talk freely with other ladies but when you are around they just can't help but mumble, suddenly start sweating, or ultimately go mute.These ones are most likely not going to ask for cookies but i don't care if they do, they would hold you dear and are less likely to cheat on you if you are in a relationship with them - how the 'freak' would they want to start the whole process over again? A guy from this group may not be your ideal MAN but they are safe, they likely would remain your man for really long. But please be warned, not all dudes who exhibit some or all of these traits are strong enough to overcome their ID [instinctual drives]. Men are natural predators, every man is born with such instincts to prey on ladies but we grow into separate but similar personalities, but it takes a gentlemen to suppress his drives, the EGO and SUPER EGO play an important part in shaping a mans restraining power. You may want to google on SIGMUND FREUDS theory of the mind.

Category 2 Guys
Lets talk about THE CATEGORY 2 GUYS, guys in this group are slightly shy, they don't really have their way with/around girls - they are not really chatty but just there, when in their good mood they are not shy and would really keep you company - they could walk up to you and talk to you but not as smooth as the pros but you see stark honesty in what they say, they are polite and nice to people, but one thing is missing, they don't appear to be fun-loving, hardly club, dance in public, make public jokes et all. You are also very likely to see a dude with a perfect heart in this category but look before you leap cos when these guys hurt you it feels real bad cos you trust them, when things go awry they are the type you call 'demon, heartless' and so on, they may outgrow you if you relax. They always have plans for the future, they are hardly shallow. But if things work out well he's your ideal man, a lifetime kind of man. I think i fall into this group *winks* haha, i do think so.

Category 3 Guys
Finally lets look at THE CATEGORY 3 GUYS, they are flashy, good with their English, they seem to have cash, they are soo suave, good with ladies - can easily sweep you off your feet, splendid dress sense, are good when it comes to dancing and playing around in public, popular, every girl wants to be around them, fun loving, they are flirts, they are everything you love. Hm-Hm *clears throat* ladies we have arrived oo, these are MOST AT TIMES the culprits, before i go any further i want to HOPE you won't get it twisted, I'm not saying these guys in their entirety would break your heart - nah nah nah. I mean you LIKELY would find MORE heart breakers among them. That doesn't write of the possibility of finding a truly loving gentleman among this group. Generally their motive is 'taste and see that the ... is good' . Most girls have been victimized and have allowed themselves fall into the 2nd category of ladies talked about earlier. But ladies while you play this game, keep the odds low, don't loose anything that you'll complain about.

Ok lets sum it all up, ALL GUYS ARE NOT THE SAME, you're dating a guy and you give him TOO MUCH COOKIE and when he gets enough and wants to take a walk you feel bad - get used to it, there are no rules in the game. You just met a guy and you dash him cookies to keep him and afterwards he walks - don't complain, there are no rules. keep your cookies to yourself until the time is right. When you lock up your cookie jar you attract more of the first two category of guys same is not the case with the opposite.

I hope you forgive me for taking so much of your time but it was fun writing, have a wonderful day or night rest.

NOTE !!!  These are just my views, i mean to hurt no one, no thorough research was carried out to coin this post, the traits listed in each category may partly or collectively differ but I'm sure you have sound judgement.

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