Wednesday, 25 November 2015

10 Songs I Cannot Stop Listening To EVER!

I am a music person. I love songs. Lemmie say it again, I love songs. I love the way I feel whenever I listen to them, like I am in another world waiting for some hero to come rescue me. I even cry when listening to some of them lol!

Here's a list. Check them out and you'd know why I love them so.

  1. Thinking Out Loud- Ed Sheeran:                                                                                                    Mehn! I love this one. Ed just knows how to get to me. His songs capture the euphoria and painful parts of love . I feel like he's my boyfriend from another time.. his words mean everything.. " would your mouth still remember the taste of my love..... I fall in love with you every single day.......take me into your loving arms.....kiss me under the light of a thousand your hands on my bitter heart..."     Is there any guy around who says things like this..?   I want to meet you Ed....pls!!!!

        2.  The promise- Tracy Chapman :
              I love me some Tracy. Her voice is so different coupled with the way she expresses herself  in  her lyrics. My dad introduced me to her songs, and since then they've been on repeat.This particular song talks about love that would never die regardless of time and  distance, about a lover coming back to fill the space he/she created in the heart of the partner.

     3. Photograph- Another lovely song by Ed Sheeran.
     4. Tears and Rain- James Blunt
     5. Grand Piano- Nikki Minaj.
     6. Don't Leave Home- Dido.
     7. Wake Me Up- Ed Sheeran.
     8. A Million- John Legend.
     9. Give Me Love- Ed Sheeran.
    10. Left For Good- Waje ft. Patoranking. 

I really hope you'd love these songs as much as I do. Lemmie hear from you, okay?
Je T'aime.


  1. There are quite a lot I can't just stop nodding my head to:
    my croaky rendition of any song,
    Everything I do (I do it for you)
    Without You (Mariah Carey),
    No Air,
    Spanish Guitar,
    When You Believe,
    I'm Not Afraid (Eminem),
    You Are My Hiding Place (Benny Hinn),
    3 Idiots and Let It Shine Soundtracks
    with Enya's and Celine's voices.

    From Shimonkepha (

  2. These songs are good too. you have good taste...


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