Wednesday, 1 July 2015

There's More To Being A Lady

Sometimes, the only thing that appeals to people is what meets the eye, and and after that first glimpse, nothing else happens.Being a lady has taught me a lot. I've learnt to pay more attention to people, to digest their every sentence and make out my own meaning, to see things from a  totally different angle, and then when I talk, everybody wants to listen to those words coming out of me.
 Well,the main thing is, because you are of the feminine gender, certain people expect certain things.Some expect more, others less. I've been in situations where I did not have to struggle really hard to be noticed,or picked out, the fact that I was female, did the job.Others simply gave me room 'cos they wanted to make me the subject of their amusement,or ridicule, or for whatever reason. The end point still remained the same, they got more than what they expected. So, I am going to spend all my time making people understand why I should not be limited to doing certain things because I am a girl. It's high time that notion died. I'm going to kill it.

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